💡Inspiration: Redirect short URLs for print purposes

###What is it about? 👀 Here is an inspiring use case of what you can do with the new Purple Redirects feature, in addition to managing internal URL redirects in your Purple Hub: Include shortened URLs in your print edition that, when accessed via a browser, take readers directly to the corresponding longer article URL in Purple Hub. Using redirects in this way can encourage your print users to interact with your website, for example to enter a raffle. ![short urls for print.jpeg](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22012/inline-fe9ecf5d89df6b4cd0c40220aaefcdda.jpg) ###Your benefits 🤓 Redirecting short URLs is great for guiding your readers from print to your website, using a handy and easy-to-remember short URL. The coolest part is that you never have to create a page for your short URL that physically exists: You only make up the short URL and create a redirect for it in Purple Hub. As the icing on the cake, you can easily track the number of page views originating from printed materials by analysing the requests for the short URL in your analytics: Simply set a campaign parameter (UTM) for the redirect target URL when creating the redirect in Purple Hub. Employ multiple short URLs to track users coming from different printed sources. What's more, you don't have to manually create a redirect for each short URL if they are many. Purple Redirects offers an import feature that allows you to mass-insert short URLs and create redirects automatically. And: If your target article in Purple Hub should only be accessible for a limited time, you can update the redirect later so that it leads, for instance, to your homepage. ###Key facts 🔑 * Redirects are quick and easy to set up in Purple Hub with any user role * Purple Redirects is not a URL shorter, like ‘bitly’ or ‘tinyurl’, because the URL itself will still be seen in the web browser * Learn all about Purple Redirects [here](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/22013/)