💡Inspiration: Use RSS for newsletter content

###What is it about? 👀 Here is one inspiring idea to use the Purple RSS feature, beyond providing RSS feeds to your users: Unlock its potential by incorporating your Purple Hub content into your newsletter tool. Most of them offer an RSS ingest. By using a RSS feed from Purple Hub, you can easily repurpose your article content and send it to your users via a newsletter. ![Purple RSS for newsletters.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22180/inline-693e2bc9779cf2198a07a23ee4dee8a3.jpg) ###Creating an RSS newsletter feed is easy Let's assume you want to ingest an RSS feed to your newsletter tool with the content you write about AI: 1. Create two categories in Purple Hub, e.g. 'AI' and 'Newsletter'. 2. Add both categories to each article you want to include in your newsletter. 3. Configure a separate feed in Purple Hub for the newsletter, e.g. 'AI newsletter feed', as shown in the image below. Setting the content filter for two categories, such as 'AI' and 'Newsletter', ensures that only content added to both categories is in the feed included. ![rss-newletter-feed.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22180/inline-8353b696a759b890dd613b641950b299.jpg) ###Your benefits 🤓 This approach offers a vendor agnostic solution that can save you both time and effort while maximizing the value of your articles by eliminating the need to recreate existing content in a separate tool. One of the main benefits is the ability to create specialized newsletters focused on specific topics, such as 'AI', to cater interests of your readers and provide them with targeted content. Moreover, you can go beyond merely ingesting content from RSS feeds and completely automate the entire process of creating newsletters using your newsletter tool! An automated newsletter creation process has benefits in different scenarios: * If you want to send a comprehensive newsletter with a single article, like investigative reporting, to encourage readers to consume the entire story within the email. * If you prefer to send a newsletter with multiple text teasers, such as a morning briefing, to update users on the latest news. You can configure the newsletter tool to display excerpts and images of each article as teasers, with links leading readers to the full article on your Purple Hub website. ###Key facts 🔑 * Purple Hub Administrators can easily manage the RSS feature themselves. * You have the flexibility to create multiple RSS feeds from a single Purple Hub. * We summarised all you need to know about Purple RSS [in this article](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/22015/)