Purple App Template 10.3 & Purple Experience 2.2.1

## What's new? 🆕 We are pleased to announce the first official public App/Experience Template release for the new Purple platform: The Bundle Release featuring the Purple App Template 10.3 and the Purple Experience 2.2.1. Within this bundle, you will find several valuable new features, capabilities and two adaptations to meet the latest requirements for both Apple and Google operating systems. ### General changes * The combination of Purple App Template (from 10) and Purple Experience (from 2) is the first to allow you to play out the **Purple Experience on the web as a server-side rendered web application**. This approach has the advantage of high performance and SEO optimisation. In addition, your users will benefit from a better user experience as they will see the same look and feel in the app and on the web. We have already demonstrated this improvement by integrating it into more than 20 successfully launched customer projects. * Curated collections: When using Purple Hub, you can **curate lists of articles to display on your homepage or any other overview page**. The Purple App Template 10 and Experience 2 is the first to support this new logic to display your curated lists in the app and on the web. Since collections are dynamic lists, this new feature gives you a whole new way to keep your overview pages up to date without touching them one by one. ## App Template 10.3 **Time-based issue deletion** We have added an option to automatically delete issues from the user's device based on the time elapsed since they were last read. Besides limiting the number of issues, you now have the additional option to set a specific period for deletion. [Learn more about this feature](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/22009/) **Compliant with Google's latest consent requirements** Google's new Consent Management Platform requirements for ad serving specifies that the Consent Management dialogue in App and Web must appear before the App Transparency Framework dialogue. App Template 10.3 includes an adaption to comply with this new requirement from Google. [Read more in the blog post](https://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/new-cmp-requirement/) **Ready for iOS 17** App Template 10.3 includes an adjustment that allows you to make your apps available on the Apple App Store with iOS 17, which will get released around September. Only App Templates without the newly deprecated 'Newsstand Kit' will work when downloaded to an Apple device updated to iOS 17. By updating the template, you ensure that your live applications are updated to reflect this change and still work on your user's devices. **Consent Management with Consent Manager** With the integration of Consent Manager, you now have an alternative 3rd party provider for [Consent Management integrated into Purple](https://docs.purplepublish.com/setup/consent-management-for-purple-apps) that works for both app and web. Learn more about Consent Manager on the [provider's website](https://www.consentmanager.net/). **Integration of the Clever Push SDK** We now support a push messaging provider that works for mobile apps and the web, providing an alternative to Firebase. Learn more about CleverPush at the [vendor's website](https://cleverpush.com/en/). ## Purple Experience 2.2.1 **Generic widget integration** A new container in the Purple Experience allows you to integrate any 3rd party widget into the Purple Experience to make it visible for both the app and the web. For example, you could use it for comments, podcasts or advertising. **Support for the Weekli widget** Weekli is a German brochure management provider. Integrating it allows you to outsource your brochure management to a specialised service and display it to your users in your Purple App or Web frontend. [Learn more about Weekli](https://www.weekli.de/) **Configure dynamic paths** You can configure the paths in the Purple Experience for both Purple App and Purple Web to your liking, with the flexibility to create a customised URL and align it with your brand identity. [Learn how to configure it in this Docu article](https://docs.purplepublish.com/experience/dynamic-paths-in-experience) **Support for Google Tag Manager** By integrating Google Tag Manager for Analytics into your Purple App or Web Experience, you can easily add and update tags without modifying the underlying code, making configuration faster and more efficient. Learn more about Google Tag Manager [at the vendor's website](https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6102821?hl=en). ## Key Facts 🔑 * App Template 10.3 is the new standard Purple App Template. [Find the Release Notes here.](https://docs.purplepublish.com/release-notes) * Submitting your apps with it will be mandatory before September to comply with the latest requirements from Apple and Google. It's already available for you to update your app in Purple Manager. * 10.3 will only work with a Purple Experience version > 2. We strongly recommend using the latest Purple Experience 2.2.1 to ensure a stable and flawless product.