💡Inspiration: IP whitelisting to unlock all your content

###What is it about? 👀 We are happy to introduce you to three use cases that can significantly increase your reach in just a few effortless steps. **IP whitelisting**, available in Purple Manager, allows you to import a list of (static) IP addresses to grant exclusive admission to your content. Your Readers using Purple App or Purple Web from these whitelisted IP addresses will enjoy a friction-free experience without login credentials or registration. All content, including subscription based content, will be automatically unlocked for your whitelisted users. ![IP whitelisting.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22560/inline-24b725e0101f8e5b0ab6cd2ab3107aee.jpg) ###Your benefits 🤓 * **Introduce corporate subscriptions** The ability to whitelist entire organisations can generate extra revenue when selling corporate subscriptions to major customers. All you need to do is whitelist the (static) IP range of the company. Your client's employees can then seamlessly view all of your content when accessing your offerings over their corporate network. Granting access to remote workstations is possible by using a VPN and configuring it to operate with static IPs. * **Whitelist your editorial team** By whitelisting your editorial team via your newsroom's IP range, you give them access to your content without credentials. A low-hanging fruit to save your valued team a few minutes here and there and ensure they can access all your contents any time when opening them from your network. * **Whitelist the Google Bot** Another quick win is the whitelisting of the Google Bot to make it crawl your restricted content. The super cool result is that Google will index all your content and show it in its search results, even if it's behind a paywall or login. Promoting even your paid/restricted articles by indexing them in Google increases your reach and eventually gets new users to buy subscriptions or follow your offers. ###Key facts 🔑 * The setup is easy and can be done by '**App Admins**' in Purple Manager - there will be no re-submit of the app required. * IP whitelisting rather is an enterprise use case as it **only works for static IPs** (like in companies). Most private users have dynamic IPs that change every 24 hours. * Find more information about verifying the Google Bot and the according IP addresses in this [external article](https://developers.google.com/search/docs/crawling-indexing/verifying-googlebot)