✨ Highlight: Purple Growth Sidebar in Purple Hub

###What is it about? 👀 The Purple Growth Sidebar is your intelligent, AI-powered companion in the Gutenberg Editor within the Purple Hub. It gives you real-time insight into the article you're writing, helps you create SEO-optimised content, and saves you time when searching for entities or related content in your Purple Hub. ####Check your Keyword Coverage ![keyword coverage_3.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22719/inline-d0ddf6a3177f2699e3fddc55282f3d66.jpg) You can establish phrases (keywords) which are significant in the article and ensure that the text encompasses them. As you write, the Purple Growth sidebar will provide real-time feedback on the coverage of these keywords, assisting you in optimising your article. Besides, we have added a new feature that allows you to [synchronise your keywords with tags](https://purple-1565.sleekplan.app/changelog/22761/). ####Recognition of entities in your article ![entity recognition_2.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22719/inline-cb5fc8fa29ed82fb7263346a6e6ec60c.jpg) Entity Recognition identifies 'entities' (including places, organisations, people, events and more) from your article as you type. It's like an assistant that keeps track of the most important topics discussed in your text. By clicking on any entity in your Purple Growth Sidebar, you can access detailed information and even a handy link to Wikipedia (if available), allowing you to delve deeper into your research. You can also promote any entity directly to a keyword by clicking the link-button next to it. ####Get recommendations for related articles ![Content related articles 5.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22719/inline-94263303540447e24fd2022ae28153eb.jpg) While you're working on your article, our system scans your database for relevant similar content and presents the results in the Sidebar. You can easily explore these articles to gain insight into what you or your colleagues have written on the same or similar topics. As a little bonus, you can easily copy the article URL and seamlessly insert it as a link into your current article to create an internal link. ###Your benefits 🤓 We've designed the Purple Growth Sidebar to provide a series of delightful AI-powered helpers during the article creation process. We want to help you stay in the creative flow while you focus on your primary task - writing your compelling story - and the goal is to minimise the need for you to leave your article while typing, ensuring you have everything you need right at your fingertips. ####The Purple Growth plugin for the Purple Hub Part of the Purple Growth plugin in Purple Hub, the Sidebar integrates seamlessly with your Purple Hub, adding its AI-powered helpers to your Purple CMS with ease. ###Key facts 🔑 * The Purple Growth Sidebar, like all our AI applications, is licensed separately - talk to us to enable it in your Purple Hub. * Our team can set up the Purple Growth Sidebar feature for you quickly and easily. * Learn more about the [Purple Growth features in the documentation ](https://docs.purplepublish.com/growth)