Synchronise your keywords with article tags

###What's new? 🆕 In the Purple Growth Sidebar of the Purple Hub, you can conveniently synchronise your keywords with the tags in your article. Your keywords will be added automatically as tags in the article settings. When this feature is activated, the keyword list becomes the primary source for managing tags, while the tag list in the article settings is in read-only mode. ![Synchronise keywords with tags.png](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22761/inline-c8218ee53807d1fdc49e580eb12746ef.jpg) ###Your benefits 🤓 Managing keywords and tags in one go is a great time-saver while organising your article; It ensures that all your keywords are organised as tags, without manually verifying their coverage between both functions, the keyword list and the tag list. ###Key facts 🔑 * The Purple Growth Sidebar, like all our AI applications, is licensed separately - talk to us to enable it in your Purple Hub. * Our team can set up the Purple Growth Sidebar and the 'Synchronisation of keywords and tags' feature for you quickly and easily. * Learn more about the [Purple Growth sidebar in this article ](