Block Patterns

###What is it about? 👀 Block Patterns is a feature in Purple Hub that allows you to create reusable layouts for your content created with the Gutenberg Editor. Easily combine any block and reuse that layout for any post type in your CMS. With just a few clicks, you can create beautiful and functional structures for your content. Block Patterns serve as templates for your posts. Using your own Block Pattern will save you time and help you to keep consistency for recurring sections of contents, e.g. intros, tables of contents, events, sports reviews, recipes, etc. ![Block-Pattern.png-1394](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/22926/inline-2740cf08ad20a656b156d82298f407b4.jpg) ###Your benefits 🤓 Use Block Patterns to ensure a consistent design with pre-defined layouts across your content for articles, pages or entire issues. You can save your team valuable time by inserting pre-designed templates that provide an easy-to-use editing experience, allowing them to focus on creating their stories without worrying about design complexities. Encourage collaboration and maintain consistency by using a library of approved templates that empower teams to create content that follows your design guidelines. ###Key facts 🔑 * Any user role in Purple Hub can create Block Patterns * The feature is already waiting for you - there is no set up needed * You create a 'Reusable block' first and transform it into a Block Pattern. [Learn more about reusable blocks in this article](