Purple App Template 10.4 & Purple Experience 3.1

#What's new? 🆕 This new bundle of templates for Purple Apps and Purple Experience brings you a variety of helpful features that we hope will help you make your business more successful using our Purple Publishing suite: ##Purple App Template 10.4 * **Better caching behaviour** We have implemented an improved caching strategy for news apps that reduces the total amount of storage used, to avoid large databases on your users' devices, making the Experience for your users lighter and faster. * **Consent Management with Usercentrics** With the integration of Usercentrics, you now have an alternative 3rd party consent management provider integrated into Purple that works for Purple Apps. Learn more about Usercentrics on their [website](https://usercentrics.com/). * **Tracking with Snowplow and Piwik Pro** As alternative options to meet your tracking needs, we have implemented two new innovative and GDPR-friendly providers which work on mobile devices and your website. Find out more on the providers' websites: https://snowplow.io/ and https://piwik.pro/ ##Purple Experience 3.1.0 ####FEATURES APP & WEB * **Bundles** We introduce a new content component supporting content binders like Purple Issues or the newly introduced Purple [Dossiers](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/28451/) feature from now in the Purple Expierence. * **Custom Blocks** The Purple Experience allows you to display Custom Blocks created in the Purple Hub in your Purple App and website. Thanks to Custom Blocks, you can add unique features and functionalities to your site that may not be available in pre-built blocks. [Learn more](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/26470/) * **Automatic setting of Aria labels that are used for links** To improve accessibility, images can have an aria-label attribute. For images that link to a post, this uses the post title, otherwise it fills with the value of the alt attribute. [Learn more about Aria labels](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Accessibility/ARIA/Attributes/aria-label) * **Google Ads refresh** If you use Google Ads in your Purple Experience, you can profit from the newly implemented refresh mechanism. This behaviour allows you to display ads one after the other and set the interval between them. Learn more: [Control ad loading and refresh in the Google developer docs](https://developers.google.com/publisher-tag/guides/control-ad-loading). ####FEATURES WEB * **Pay or okay subscriptions, aka 'Pur Abos'** This model allows users to access content for free on the condition that they agree to tracking. Alternatively, they can subscribe to your offers without tracking as they consume your content. As these two options remove the ability to read your content by neither paying nor being tracked, offering this subscription can lead to a much higher opt-in to tracking and save your valuable advertising revenue. In Purple, we have implemented a provider called 'Traffective' to offer such a service in Web using their CMP and ad service. If you would like to enable this for your Purple Website, [contact our Customer Success team.](https://support.sprylab.com/en/support/home) * **Coupon function now also available for web** Coupons created via the Purple Manager can now be activated by your users in app and Purple powered websites, granting a seamless user experience on both channels. [Learn more](https://docs.purplepublish.com/experience/coupons) * **Optimisation of Lighthouse Score and Core Web Vitals** The Lighthouse Score and the Core Web Vitals have increased, granting you SEO advantages, as this Experience release includes various factors such as the automatic setting of Aria Labels for links (improving accessibility), the optimisation of performance scores by changing the loading behaviour of JS scripts and better configuration options for images. Learn more about [Core Web Vitals](https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9205520?hl=en) and the [Lighthouse Score](https://developer.chrome.com/docs/lighthouse/performance/performance-scoring). #Key Facts 🔑 * App Template 10.4 is the new standard Purple App Template ([see support matrix](https://docs.purplepublish.com/support/app-support-matrix)) * Find the App Template 10.4 [release notes here](https://docs.purplepublish.com/support/purple-app-template-104) * 10.4 will only work with a Purple Experience version > 2  * We generally recommend using the latest Purple Experience and Purple App Template to ensure a stable and flawless product.