Custom Blocks in Purple Hub

##What is it about? 👀 Let us introduce you to Custom Blocks within Purple Hub, a feature to create your own reusable content blocks and seamlessly integrate them into your Gutenberg Editor block library. Custom Blocks allow you to design a new block, set its functionality and distribute it throughout your Purple App and/or Website. In summary, Custom Blocks work like a joker card: You are free to choose what you want to display and how you want it to look. So if you can't find what you're looking for in the Gutenberg Block Library, a Custom Block is the solution to your specific needs. You can even use these blocks to display third-party content, such as affiliate content or product information from a Product Information Management (PIM) database. In the following example, our Custom Block serves to display product information. ###Usage of Custom Blocks ![Custom-blocks-neuuu.png-1941](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/26470/inline-0312b857ba7367ed8417d8d60c1ae236.jpg) ##Your benefits 🤓 Custom Blocks reflect your brand's unique design preferences and allow you to define reusable components that align with your corporate identity. This ensures a consistent and cohesive presentation for recurring content elements such as authors, teasers, intros, affiliate content or product information. ##Key facts 🔑 * Find here a nice inspiration for [promoting your contents inline in an article with Custom Blocks]( * Custom Blocks are supported from Purple App Template 10.4 and the Purple Experience from Version 3.0. [Learn more]( * An Admin Role in Purple Hub is needed to create Custom Blocks. [Learn how to set it up](