💡Inspiration: Use Custom Blocks inline to advertise content in articles

##What is it about? 👀 We want to show you a convenient way to promote your content within articles: Inline Custom Blocks in Purple Hub give you the opportunity to create awareness for existing content directly in your related articles. This approach works for any content type, such as articles, videos or galleries. ###Reusing your content to promote it in an article is easy ![Custom-Inline-Blocks.png-7817](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/26798/inline-4faf3edd55dc295cdb6db9d83f24b6c4.jpg) Suppose you want to write an article about Nordic food. In this article, you want to promote an image gallery 'Street food gallery 2023', that was published last week. Your goal is to highlight the gallery so that the readers who are engaging with your new article continue their path onto the related article. 1. Create your article and add the 'Custom Inline Gallery Block' to your article. 2. Choose the content you want to have displayed in the inline block from the dropdown, e.g. a gallery about Street Food. 3. Have the content you selected displayed in your inline block. ###Benefits 🤓 * **Engage your readers:** By seamlessly promoting related content within your articles, you keep readers exploring, leading to more engagement and longer lasting visits. * **Reintroduce forgotten pieces:** Highlight older or lesser-known content erffortlessly within relevant articles to save time and resources while bringing valuable material back into the spotlight. * **Easy-to-use integration:** Adding Custom Blocks is simple and intuitive, making them accessible to your entire newsroom while maintaining consistency across all your content. ###Key Facts 🔑 * The basis of the setup are [Custom Blocks in Purple Hub](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/26470/) * To enable the above scenario, talk to us so that we can set it up for you. You can [open a ticket to request the setup on our helpdesk](https://support.sprylab.com/en/support/home) * Custom Blocks are supported from Purple App Template 10.4 and the Purple Experience from Version 3.0 [learn more](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/25660/)