Purple Dossiers

##What is it about? 👀 Introducing the latest update: the Dossier feature. This new content binder allows you to efficiently assemble content in your Purple Hub by compiling and presenting different types of content to your readers. Unlike a Purple Issue, a Dossier can contain multiple content types and combine content at all workflow stages, e.g. mixing published with unpublished articles. ##Usage of Dossiers ![productupdatedossiers1.png-1703](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/28451/inline-9892c30139522b7b47d9d315615e0fd0.jpg) ##Your benefits 🤓 Dossiers are versatile, accommodating all contribution types and allowing for a diverse mix of content within a single compilation of assembled content. For example, you can compile previously published content into a new content binder tailored to specific interests. ##Key facts 🔑 * Find out here how you can monetise your content a second time by using Dossiers. [Learn more](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/28454/) * Learn more about [Dossiers in the Purple Docs](https://docs.purplepublish.com/editorial/dossiers-in-purple-hub) * Dossiers are already available in your Purple Hub, [learn how to enable the feature](https://docs.purplepublish.com/editorial/enable-the-dossiers-feature-in-purple-hub) * If you wonder what the difference between Dossiers, Issues and Collections is, we have summarized [all you need to know in this overview](https://docs.purplepublish.com/editorial/overview-of-content-binders-in-purple).