💡Inspiration: Turn press releases into articles in just a few clicks

##What is it about? 👀 We want to introduce you to a super future-looking use case that combines two of our latest Purple Hub features with some AI magic to reduce your press release rewriting workload: Create rewritten articles from inbound press feeds in Purple Hub with just a few clicks using our brand new GPT 4 -powered Purple Prompts feature. We developed this use case in close collaboration with a well-known German tabloid and hope it will give you some inspiring insights into how Purple Prompts can be used in your newsroom. ##Use Purple Prompts and Purple Wires to turn press releases into articles ![image (13).png-5351](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/28817/inline-f9d5ead4696eca5861a214f1c586a542.jpg) 1. Integrate a police press feed into your Purple Hub effortlessly via Purple Wires for seamless operations, eliminating context shifts. 2. Once the police feed is in, receive press releases as standalone articles within Purple Hub. 3. And here's where Purple Prompts shine: using customized prompts like 'Rewrite press release', your article is swiftly rewritten in your voice directly in your Purple Hub. 4. Just review and publish, creating press release articles in your tone with minimal effort. ##Benefits 🤓 * **Rewriting without effort:** seamlessly import press releases into your CMS with Purple Wires, then quickly turn them into articles using personalised prompts with Purple Prompts. This streamlines content creation by reducing manual rewriting time. * **Tailored publication voice:** easily customise articles to match the style and tone of your publication. With personalised prompts, you can maintain consistency and resonate with your audience while turning press releases into engaging articles. * **Increased focus on original stories:** automating rewriting tasks with Purple Wires and Purple Prompts frees up time for editors. This enables a shift towards creating compelling, original content, allowing more energy to be devoted to core storytelling efforts. ##Key Facts 🔑 * If you are not using Purple Prompts yet, we enable it in your Purple Hub for free. [Just send us a note](https://support.sprylab.com/en/support/tickets/new) * Learn more about [Purple Prompts](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/28835/) * Learn more about [inserting press releases with Purple Wires in Purple Hub ](https://updates.purplepublish.com/changelog/28942/)