New post overview in Purple Hub

##What is it about? 👀 We have completely revamped the post overview in Purple Hub, giving it a fresh new look and some additional customisable filters so you can tailor it to the specific needs of your newsroom. Once enabled, the new post overview is applied to all post types in the Purple Hub, including articles, pages, issues, dossiers and all custom post types. ###Configure filters and columns ![postoverview-filtersandcolumns.png-7103](BASE/products/838261857/changelog/30230/inline-98c37eb2c5d5079a48567f5a41799e2c.jpg) ##Your benefits 🤓 With the introduction of the new post overview, your content management experience is enhanced with a contemporary design and a more user-friendly interface including customisable filters. It can be configured to meet the specific needs of your newsroom and even display your custom fields (ACFs). You will also experience improved performance when searching and filtering your posts. ##Key facts 🔑 * The new post overview is already available in your Purple Hub to be activated by an Admin, whenever you are ready. [Learn here how to enable it]( * The customisation of the post overview is [in detail described in this article]( * Learn how to make your custom fields (ACFs) filterable in the post overview [in this article](