New version of the Purple Importer

##What is it about? 👀 In response to recent incidents affecting import throughput times for the ingest of E-paper content, we now released a new version of the Purple Importer. This update brings significant improvements, ensuring smoother daily import processes and minimizing application errors. ##What has changed? **1. Optimized Processing Logic: ** We have improved import job processing to reduce errors and ensure smooth daily operations. By evenly distributing processing capacity, we prevent overwhelming the queue with mass uploads. Additionally, we prioritize items scheduled for publication within the next two days, regardless of their set priority. **2. Enhanced Architecture: ** To avoid slowdowns during peak loads, we have upgraded the Purple Importer to a stronger architecture, enhancing its performance and dependability. The new setup on cutting-edge infrastructure accelerates import jobs and adds flexibility, ensuring you a smooth operation even during high volumes of simultaneous imports. These measures were implemented promptly to rectify recent incidents and to ensure the uninterrupted operation of our import processes. With these enhancements, we remain committed to providing you with a robust and efficient import experience. ##Key facts 🔑 * For the sake of transparency, we have described how the importer works in detail [in this article]( * To ensure a smooth and error-free workflow when importing e-paper content, [activate the Purple Importer Alert Service](